RAS Ride 2017 Directions

RAS Adventure Ride – June 24th 2017

This year’s ride starts on North Road in Peru at the Wild Wings Nordic Center.  From WW you’ll travel down North Road to the town garage and make a left onto the pavement section of Hapgood Road.  Faster riders should work their way to the front as we make our first right turn onto Anderson road  (first dirt section) as well as ride into the first Class IV section of the Catamount Trail.  You will pop out on Ridge Road where you make a left turn and continue on Ridge until the intersection of Langrove where you turn left.  Passing through Landgrove over a one lane bridge you bear right up the first steep ascent of Cody Road.  Cody Road, becomes Old County Road bear left and continue all the way out County Road and turn right when it becomes to Landgrove Road again.

Stay straight on Landgrove and at the bottom of the hill, and the intersection of Lawrence Hill Road, turn left.

For the “Advanced Adventure” make you’re second left off of Lawrence Hill onto Moses Pond Road.  At the top of the hill follow Forest rd. 17A straight to the intersection of Jenny Coolidge (also first Fuel Stop) where you make a right.  At the bottom of the hill (stop Sign) turn right and you will be on Greendale road, take it to the intersection of Route 100 South and make a right.

Travel through the town of Weston (WATCH FOR TRAFFIC) and make the next left as you get out of town on Piper Hill Road.  Stay straight and at your first intersection make a left on Dale Road.  Proceed climbing on about 5% grade until your first intersection and bear right.  After a short, rough downhill make a right on Lake Road.  (Keep in mind to follow the green arrows as there are NO street signs.)  Turn right on Boynton Road.  Make a left on 100 South and take the next right on Johnson Hill Road.  VERY STEEP SECTION OF DIRT! Up Johnson Hill Road.

Stay straight on Johnson Hill until the next main intersection which will be Landgrove road.  Make a left and head back toward Landgrove.  At the bottom of a fairly steep downhill make a sharp right onto Little Michigan.  Continue straight over the bridge and stay straight PASSING the Danby/ Tabor road.

As the roads end starts to turn Class IV continue straight about another mile and look for the green arrow on your left.  Some parts of this may dismounting the bike but many you can ride.  As you enter Stone Place (more road looking than Class IV) look for the red arrow to your right that takes you on the continuation of Class IV up and onto Priest Lane which meets back up with North Road by turning right and back to WWXC.

Mission accomplished, NICE JOB!!

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