RAS Gravel Ride 2017 is in the Books

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You all for coming, riding, volunteering and supporting RAS Gravel.  It was a great day, the clouds broke, rain stopped and the sun returned to shine upon us yesterday.

RAS Ride 2017 Directions

RAS Adventure Ride – June 24th 2017 This year’s ride starts on North Road in Peru at the Wild Wings Nordic Center.  From WW you’ll travel down North Road to the town garage and make a left onto the pavement section of Hapgood Road.  Faster riders should work their way to the front as we […]

Walking at 6 Years Old

Just over 6 years old and we’re taking some serious steps with no hands.

What has happened?

I am speechless about what I just heard….  A story of a disabled blind man with his seeing eye dog was declined a cab ride across town.  The cabby said, ” Now that Mr. Trump is president we don’t have to help people like you”.  People like WHO!!  People are People regardless of disability or […]

Eye Acuity Visit

Many positives out of yesterday’s eye acuity visit, thanks to Perkins School and the NE Eye Care Center.                    

Gettin’ It Done

Shane walking all over the house with his fit ball!

From afar

About time I put some thoughts on paper, or blog.  It’s been quite the past couple months as both boys have started new endeavors.  Older brother Fin, school at home and Shane, 3 days a week, through lunch at Little School in Weston.  That’s a huge step for him!  Shane is also making huge steps […]

First days of Fall

Much has changed since my last post, cooler nights, leaves are turning, school is under way, fall is in the air!  One of my favorite times of the year.  I think because I like color, temps in the 60’s, and the anticipation of winter.  Shane digs this time of year too.  He’s adapted to his […]

Boys of Summer (part 2)

As we embark on the 2nd GML tournament I thought it’d be appropriate as the boys start the series wearing their RAS hats, to mention what’s happened this then. After that touching Memorial Day game our next family focus was on the 2nd Annual RAS ride, a 40 mile, dirt and paved road ride that […]

Boys of Summer

Summer’s here and the time is right for enjoying the outdoors in VT; hiking, biking, swimming and yes, baseball.  I couldn’t help but not tell this story of a group of young boys that recently touched our hearts. It was Memorial Day Weekend and what better to be doing then watching some good U11 baseball […]

Lil Schools out

Another year in the books for Shane and his friends at The Little School.  Wow, time flies and the progress that Shane has made in two years is amazing.  Many, many thanks to all his teachers, therapists, aids, classmates and supporters who continue to work hard to progress Shane in the right direction.  No trach […]

All Gone!

Seems like a whirlwind, one minute, 3 and a half years ago, Shane received a Tracheostomy, today Decannulated and no more trach.  It’s shocking to me and MB, tears of joy, happiness, uncertainity, scared; all of the above.  We felt it was coming and that is a good thing as in some capacity takes some […]